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Head of Connectivity and Digital Infrastructure Division

Sector:  NEOM Authority
Division:  Policy and Regulations

Position: Head of Connectivity and Digital Infrastructure Division

Reports to: Director of DCC (Department of Communication & Connectivity)

Sector: Connectivity and Digital Infrastructure
Job Location: Sharma, KSA


Role Purpose: 

The Connectivity & Digital Infrastructure Division has the mandate to oversee the design and develop NEOM’s overall digital infrastructure, coordinate connectivity and digital regulations development and implementation, as well as licenses and authorizations.


The Head of this Division is the principal advisor to the Director of DCC on matters related to connectivity and digital infrastructure.


The Head of Connectivity and Digital Infrastructure Division will be required to:

  • Develop the division’s operating model, policies, and procedures
  • Drive and develop the division’s readiness and transition plan to operate
  • Lead overall efforts to provide residents and organizations of NEOM with an effective regulatory environment for Telecommunications, Connectivity and Digital infrastructure ensuring ubiquitous coverage and high degrees of accuracy and availability supporting the NEOM vision
  • Ensure efficient licensing and spectrum allocation and management, in coordination with the CITC
  • Consult on the creation and implementation of a Digital Master Plan



Lead overall efforts to provide residents and organizations with a connectivity and digital infrastructure that meets the standards required to deliver the NEOM vision.

  1. Lead and manage the Connectivity and Digital Infrastructure Division
    1. Develop and maintain a system of key objectives for delivery of Connectivity and Digital Infrastructure services in NEOM
    2. ​Deliver and maintain high-quality services, and infrastructure to residents and organizations in NEOM
    3. Create policies for Connectivity and Digital Infrastructure
    4. Continually improve all aspects of the Connectivity and Digital Infrastructure Division
    5. Recruit, develop and maintain employees within the Division
  2. Consult on the creation and implementation of a Digital Master Plan, and the modification and enhancement of the Digital Master Plan for NEOM over time.
  3. Coordinate and cooperate with CITC and other Base Economy Authorities as necessary and appropriate, through the NEOM Office of Government Affairs.
  4. Oversee NEOM’s smart city, gigabit infrastructure.
  5. Obtain or coordinate spectrum rights from CITC and licensing them for wireless networks located or operating within NEOM.
  6. Propose and implement regulations, as approved by the Board of Directors, governing frequency coordination, connectivity, emissions, interference avoidance and spectrum management matters in consultation with the Division of Engineering and Technology.
  7. Allocate and/or administer new spectrum on a licensed or unlicensed basis that the NEOM Department of Communications and Connectivity may be authorized to administer by any administrative determination.
  8. Propose and implement regulations, as approved by the Board of Directors, for and license landline, undersea cable, and wireless telecommunications service providers that will operate in NEOM, including operators or providers currently serving the Base Economy.
  9. Ensure that NEOM’s telecommunications and connectivity sector infrastructure is either built to support the needs of other sectors within NEOM or is interconnected with the digital infrastructure that is built by other NEOM sectors.
  10. Ensure that the communication and sensing infrastructure and other infrastructure for NEOM is ubiquitous, enables high degrees of coverage, accuracy and availability, provides a high-quality experience, and can adapt to future technological developments.
  11. Perform such other responsibilities as the Director shall determine, within the scope of the powers and responsibilities of the NEOM Department of Communications and Connectivity.




Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

    • Minimum 10 years of supervisory experience in public or private sector regulatory organizations with experience in project management, including effective management of large budgets​
    • Demonstrated experience in policy/regulation creation and execution of strategies to improve connectivity and digital infrastructure
    • Likely previous employers: Government institutions focused on regulations, connectivity, and digital infrastructure analysis, and deployment in a technology field; private institutions focused on connectivity and digital infrastructure regulations such as a National Mobile Operator, International Satellite operator; economic or technology consultancy​

Qualifications and Experience.

    • Degree in Telecommunication Engineering, or related field. In addition, Technology training is highly desirable
    • 15 to 20 years of experience in the public sector or in a private institution focused on competition policy, governance, strategy, and capital markets in a regulatory or digital technology environment ​


  • Free Accommodation.
  • Free Laundry and housekeeping.
  • Free transportation.
  • 2 flights per month domestic round trip.
  • 1 Annual Travel Allowance.
  • Relocation Flight.
  • Free Meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner ).
  • Schooling - 60K SAR per child up to 3 children.
  • Bonus 20-30% annual (performance based).
  • Savings Plan ( Long-term incentive plan ).
  • Medical insurance ( VVIP health coverage), for Employee, Family & Parents.
  • Annual Leave 30 working days annual.
  • Remote Working 24 working days annual.


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