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Brine Innovation Center Manager

Sector:  Energy, Water & Food
Division:  Water


The Water Innovation Lead is a central role with the NEOM WATER team, responsible for assisting in developing out the solutions for Desalination and Brine Management processes and achieving the NEOM Desalination and Water Supply strategy. The role requires commitment to implementing the strategy and the delivery of a sustainable, circular economy approach to desalination and the reuse of brine.



Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities


  • Assessment of feasibility plans for the Desalination and Brine Management requirements in collaboration with the Water Desalination team.
  • Maintain an idea/concept portfolio within water framework
  • Scout new ideas and best practices out of sector that may have water applications and have potential for development within the innovation centre.
  • Provide assessment and valuation assisting in the generation of Business Plans detailing the financial viability of the Desalination and Brine Management plan.
  • Work protectively to develop out the strategy for implementation of the NEOM Desalination and Water Supply Projects
  • Collaboration with the Industrial Area Business Development team to achieve circular economy leading edge technology into the designs of the processes and reuse options.
  • Create networks for sharing innovation and exploring new technologies with other water companies
  • Deliver high quality, innovative project solutions that provide real value to NEOM
  • Play a real part in the NEOM strategic planning and direction and work closely with counterparts across the NEOM Organization.
  • Develop an innovation program to promote innovation for every water sector member. This includes organizing "Lunch & Learn" brainstorming sessions with all water team.
  • Strong in the development of schemes, able to assess and interpret the results from pilot schemes especially in the field of processes utilizing Salts or other recovered materials which can be derived from Desalination Brines.
  • Able to assess industrial processes which provide greatest value propositions and achieve circular solutions to the brine management issues.
  • Be prepared to be part of a new way of thinking towards water desalination and brine management.
  • Be innovative and adaptable to consider solutions which are not implemented on a large scale or may still be in research development phase.
  • Understand the implications of alternative energy sources such as Solar PV or CSP on the process solutions being developed and plan accordingly.
  • Experience in Construction and Implementation of process plant and be prepared to adopt knowledge to brine management and Salt processing plants.
  • Collaboration across a Matrixed organization
  • Be prepared to be Challenged
  • Demonstrated ability to foster trusted long-term business relationships internally, with colleagues and stakeholders for mutual benefit
  • A good understanding of applying commercial concepts to develop and deliver business goals
  • Knowledge of Quality & Safety and the importance of risk management
  • Able to support the development of the Desalination and Brine management principles and manage the planning, monitoring and evaluation system


Education & Experience


  • Bachelor of Science/Engineering with a focus and experience in Industrial processes and able to utilize knowledge to assess salts and refining of salts to produce high value materials such as Magnesium and Lithium.
  • Experience in the implementation of Industrial processes and utilize knowledge to Salt Recovery from Sea Water Desalination brine.
  • Understanding methods for assessment of salt markets and value chain associated with the generation and use of salts in industrial processes.
  • Able to generate comparison reports of alternative options for desalination and brine management and present the highest value propositions which are aligned with NEOM’s vision.
  • Practical experience of the design, building, commissioning, and operation of process systems.
  • Ability to develop a high level of commercial acumen
  • Experience in a dynamic complex commercial organization, engaged in multiple simultaneous projects
  • Understanding of project management frameworks and experience developing planning, monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Ability to provide detailed technical assessments, recommendations, and influence people at all levels
  • Innovative approach, eager to challenge the status quo
  • Ability to focus on short- and long-term strategic objectives

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