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Director of Commercial Enterprise and Ecosystem

Sector:  NEOM Authority
Division:  NEOM Authority Activation Office

Position: Head of Commercial Enterprises and Ecosystem

Reports to: Chief of Staff, Authority

Sector: Authority Activation
Job Location: Sharma, NEOM


Role Purpose: Assist and advocate for the business interests in NEOM, encourage responsible business conduct, promote a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation, and ensure that the private sector concerns are integrated into the city’s enterprise and economic policies while supervising the Commercial Enterprises department in carrying out its mandate in line with the Founding Law.




  1. Develop an End-state operational model and future strategy for all Commercial Enterprise functions​:-
  • Use global benchmarks to establish best practices, headcount, and operating models and design an innovation strategy in line with NEOM vision ​
  • Ensure end-state operating model is fully lean, highly relying on automation and outsourcing while ensuring collaboration across the full government​
  1. Drive establishment and end state design of all Commercial Enterprises Department objectives. These can be categorized into 5 Criteria:​


i)  Regulations & Policies​

  • Work with NEOM Legal on developing and finalizing Commercial Enterprise Regulations, Policies and Standards
  • Provide expert content and collaborate with other departments to address dependencies ​

ii) Regulators (People)​

  • Estimate headcount on lean core-staff, in-house and supplementary headcount (Contract/Experts)
  • Coordinate with HR and Governor’s Office to identify human resource needs for the Departments’ functions, migrating internally, or hiring externally​
  • Develop Job descriptions, validated with experts.

iii) Operational Assets & Systems​

  • Identify and procure/implement assets and systems required to execute on the Departments functions and mandate (e.g. monitoring equipment, planning software, CRM, use of shared services)
  • Work closely with Cognitive Government to develop both interim and end-state systems to deliver Authority services, and interim phase inspections & compliance​

iv) Protocols & Governance​

  • Develop the governance and processes for the internal operating model of functions, defining SOPs.​

v) Stakeholder Interaction & Interface with Base Economy​

  • Identify areas where cooperation and agreements are needed to provide services in the interim period and identify segregation of duties for interim service delivery​
  • Identify Base Economy entities and develop processes to communicate and liaise with key points of contact for departments activities and action​
  • Determine plan for transition from BE to Authority to remain compliant​

3. Develop/Review and implement a transition plan to end-state for all Department ​functions​

  • Ensure there is a phased transition plan for each department function to reach end-state model, using NEOM Vision principals: lean, efficient and tech-enabled
  • Track and communicate progress​
  • Manage the budgets and finances related to the established Authority in ​coordination with NEOM Finance department



Management of personnel

    • Work closely with heads of subdepartments and external partners to identify and source human resource needs for the Commercial Enterprises department
    • Encourage innovation and creativity among staff and look beyond NEOM for best practices
    • Provide technical input and guidance to project teams when needed
    • Manage the development review process for the Commercial Enterprises department, in coordination with other departments when relevant

Stakeholder interaction (including with the base economy)

    • Interact with communities, businesses, universities, and workers, and promote economic growth and job creation by commercial enterprises
    • Work with other NEOM departments (education, labor, etc.) to define support mechanisms for Commercial Enterprises
    • Build partnerships with partners, including from the base economy when needed, to support Commercial Enterprises
    • Represent NEOM in national and international and conferences to attract enterprises
    • Align the Commercial Enterprises department priorities with NEOM Strategic Plans

Industrial Development and Policy

    • Promote overall industrial development through policy making, standard setting, and financing mechanisms
    • Define and implement regulations for industrial zones in coordination with other NEOM's departments

Trade Development and Policy

    • Promote trade and exports of NEOM's businesses
    • Formulate and implement funding support, when necessary
    • Define trade policies and criteria for registration and licensing of exports

Quality Assurance

    • Develop and implement regulations to protect consumers from unsafe goods
    • Support NEOM industries in achieving quality assurance rankings and licenses through technical and administrative support

SME Promotion

    • Position NEOM as one of the world’s most attractive business destinations including positioning NEOM in top ranking of Doing Business
    • Develop incentives for Commercial Enterprises to be established in NEOM
    • Oversee the issuance of relevant studies and statistics to be used by commercial businesses

Key operational assets and systems

    • Identify and implement governance processes within the Commercial Enterprises Department in accordance with Founding Law




    • 25+ years of experience in a public sector organization or in a private institution focused on business incentivization, investment or climate of affairs
    • 10+ years of senior leadership experience in the public sector (e.g., Minister, Deputy Minister) or in the private sector (e.g., as CEO, COO, CFO) is preferred
    • Demonstrated experience in policy creation and execution of strategies to encourage commercial business creation is preferred
    • Likely previous employers: Ministries and government institutions focused on business promotion and business support (e.g., Ministry of Economy, SME promotion agencies); Private and international organizations working closely with businesses (e.g., World Bank, IFC, World Economic Forum, Large investment banks, top management consultancies)
    • Advanced degree in urban planning, architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or related field
    • MBA or Post graduate study preferred

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