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Director of Intellectual Property

Sector:  NEOM Authority
Division:  NEOM Authority Activation Office

Position: Head of Intellectual Property

Reports to: Chief of Staff, Authority

Sector: Authority Activation
Job Location: Sharma, KSA


Role Purpose: Lead efforts to develop and implement intellectual property policies and regulations positioning NEOM as a top destination for innovators and inventors. Oversee the implementation of the department’s mandate.



  1. Develop an End-state operational model and future strategy for all Intellectual Property functions​
  • Use global benchmarks to establish best practices, headcount, and operating models and design an innovation strategy in line with NEOM vision ​
  • Ensure end-state operating model is fully lean, highly relying on automation and outsourcing while ensuring collaboration across the full government​
  1. Drive establishment and end state design of all department objectives. These can be categorized into 5 Criteria:​


i)  Regulations & Policies​

  • Work with NEOM Legal on developing and finalizing Regulations, Policies and Standards
  • Provide expert content and collaborate with other departments to address dependencies ​

ii) Regulators (People)​

  • Estimate headcount on lean core-staff, in-house and supplementary headcount (Contract/Experts)
  • Coordinate with HR and Governor’s Office to identify human resource needs for the Departments’ functions, migrating internally, or hiring externally​
  • Develop Job descriptions, validated with experts.

iii) Operational Assets & Systems​

  • Identify and procure/implement assets and systems required to execute on the Departments functions and mandate (e.g. monitoring equipment, planning software, CRM, use of shared services)
  • Work closely with Cognitive Government to develop both interim and end-state systems to deliver Authority services, and interim phase inspections & compliance​

iv) Protocols & Governance​

  • Develop the governance and processes for the internal operating model of functions, defining SOPs.​

v) Stakeholder Interaction & Interface with Base Economy​

  • Identify areas where cooperation and agreements are needed to provide services in the interim period and identify segregation of duties for interim service delivery​
  • Identify Base Economy entities and develop processes to communicate and liaise with key points of contact for departments activities and action​
  • Determine plan for transition from BE to Authority to remain compliant​

3. Develop/Review and implement a transition plan to end-state for all Department ​functions​

  • Ensure there is a phased transition plan for each department function to reach end-state model, using NEOM Vision principals: lean, efficient and tech-enabled
  • Track and communicate progress​
  • Manage the budgets and finances related to the established Authority in ​coordination with NEOM Finance department

Lead the formation of NEOM Policy and implementation with defined strategy in relations to:-


  • Establish regulations and standards for patents
  • Administer patent requests and issue approvals
  • Maintain a database of patents issued
  • Give a clarity on patens in NEOM and work with parties to resolve conflicts
  • Promote innovation while preserving the rights of companies and individuals


  • Develop copyright regulations and policies
  • Promote the respect of copyrights and resolve issues
  • Process applications for copyrights
  • Enforce copyrights regulations


  • Establish regulations and standards for trademarks
  • Administer trademark applications
  • Give visibility over trademarks issued
  • Maintain a data base of trademarks

Trade secret

  • Establish the parameters, scope, and requirements for a trade secret, as well as defenses and civil remedies for the theft or misappropriation of a trade secret
  • Enforce laws in relation to trade secrets

Day to Day responsibilities

  • Management of personnel
    • Work closely with heads of divisions and external partners to identify and source human resource needs for the Intellectual Property department
    • Provide technical input and guidance to project teams when needed
    • Manage the development review process for Intellectual Property Department, in coordination with other departments when relevant
  • Stakeholder interaction (incl. interfacing with the base economy)
    • Build partnerships, including with the base economy when needed, on matters of Intellectual Property
    • Represent NEOM in national and international and conferences related to Intellectual Property
    • Build partnerships and sign treaties with international organizations
    • Align the Intellectual Property Department priorities with NEOM Strategic Plans




    • Advanced degree in Law, or a related field
    • 25+ years of experience in the public sector (e.g., IP department, business department) or in a private institution in a patent or intellectual property department
    • 10+ years of senior leadership experience in a public sector institution (e.g., Head of IP department, deputy minister, etc.) or in a private sector institution (e.g., as CEO, COO) is preferred
    • Demonstrated experience in policy creation and execution of labor and employment strategies
    • Likely previous employers: Government institutions focused on Intellectual Property management (e.g., IP Department, Business registration agency, Trademark registration agency); Private institutions focused on intellectual property management (e.g., Top law firms)


Knowledge, Skills and Experience:



  • Demonstrated knowledge of fair market policies through previous experiences
  • Knowledge of:
  • Business law
  • Market competition
  • NEOM’s Vision and objectives

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