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Emergency Preparedness, Crisis Response & Resilience Manager

Sector:  Government Affairs
Division:  Security

Position: Emergency Preparedness, Crisis Response & Resilience Manager

Sector: NEOM Government Affairs

Division: Security

Job Location: NEOM


Role Purpose:

To build and nurture a future-oriented, Internal Security organization that is pioneering, cutting-edge, and perfectly embodies the NEOM core value of being 'An Accelerator of Human Progress,' enhancing NEOM's standing as the world's safest and most secure place to live and work. The role's core function is to design, implement and manage NEOM's resilience framework. The role will also include overseeing all security assets related to master plans, the proponent of the risk register, and lay the foundation of NEOMs crisis and emergency management. The role will require a high level of interpersonal skills, diplomacy, and a culturally appropriate attitude that perfectly embodies diversity's NEOM mindset.


Key Responsibilities:

• Manage the development, implementation, and management of NEOM's resilience framework

• Collaborate and coordinate with internal and external stakeholders to ensure alignment of the resilience framework with the overall strategy, objectives, and initiatives.

• Undertake a comprehensive and structured analysis and continuously monitor risks and threats in the Operational Environment of NEOM

• Assess identified threats and risks regarding their potential implications.

• Communicate identified risks and potential implications to internal and external stakeholders.

• Foster a resilience culture within NEOM.

• Lead the design and implementation of adequate preventive, protective, or mitigation measures. Identify and communicate resilience requirements.

• Develop, plan and direct incident response, emergency response, crisis management, and safety capabilities for NEOM

• Ensure awareness and readiness of internal stakeholders to deal with a wide range of disruptions and crises

• Provide leadership and subject matter expertise during incidents, emergencies, and crisis events

• Implement a comprehensive Safety Management System aligned to appropriate Standards, Workplace Health, and Safety Management Systems, including policies, procedures, and frameworks.

• Analyze, develop, coordinate and implement relevant Safety training requirements.


Background, Skills & Qualifications:


Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

• 15+ years experience in Resilience, Security, Risk Advisory, and Crisis Management.

• Proven competence in the Design, Implementation, and Operation of an Enterprise-level Resilience Framework. Security Consulting or Risk Advisory background preferred.

• Understanding of technology-related, other artificial and natural risks paired with the ability to conduct appropriate assessments, delineate resilience requirements, and design mitigation strategies.

• Understanding of relevant threat actors, types, and vectors and proper analysis, assessment, and monitoring techniques.

• Ability to translate resilience considerations into business requirements and vice versa.

• Networking and relationship-building skills, with the ability to gain commitment across agencies and stakeholders.

• Demonstrated ability to work in a complex, multi-national operational environment, make critical decisions, and oversee the implementation.

• Analytical and communication skills up to executive-level, including the ability to deliver concise, authoritative, high-quality strategy and policy documents.

• Ability to apply analysis, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment and produce precise, reasoned decision proposals.



• Proven competence in Resilience, Crisis/Emergency Management, and Risk Advisory.

• degree-level qualification in Engineering/Business Management.

• Qualifications in Security Risk Management, Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Physical Security, Information Security, Intelligence Analysis and Scenario Planning.


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