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Public Safety & Security Operations Lead ( Job Location in Sharma, NEOM )

Sector:  Government Affairs
Division:  Public Safety

Position: Security Operations Lead ( Job Location in Sharma, NEOM )

Sector: NEOM Government Affairs

Division: Public Safety

Job Location: NEOM, Sharma


Role Purpose:

  • Manage a future-oriented, high performing physical public safety & security organization with an Immediate focus on NEOM.
  • Direct Security Operations: Protect people and their movement, infrastructure, supply chain and Points of Entry.
  • Facilitate inter-agency security partnerships.
  • To make NEOM the safest and most secure place in the world.



  • Establish and promote an ethos that NEOM takes all reasonable and practical measures to protect the security and safety of staff, residents and visitors, appropriate to the prevailing risk.
  • Be the NEOM senior point of contact for all internal security operations matters, particularly in relation to contracted private security/guard services.
  • Establish interim security presence at NEOM (guard force and journey management).
  • Support the delivery of a full-scale, and scalable physical security operations framework, including policies and procedures.
  • Assist the establishment and operation of a fully integrated NEOM security force which provides static and mobile security, journey (travel) management, border and critical infrastructure, incident response and inter-agency liaison.
  • Monitor regional and local factors of instability and the business landscape, analyze risk, and adjust internal security posture as appropriate.
  • Conduct (or support as instructed): Security risk assessments, Information collection, analysis and dissemination, Security planning and future-proofing, regional/inter-agency security management, Asset protection, Security awareness training, Liaison, Compliance, Audit and investigation.
  • Assist Leadership and Management staff with the implementation of security best practices throughout NEOM operations
  • In conjunction with Corporate Communications support media-lines-to-take in the event of an incident or media-related opportunity.
  • Collaboratively support:
    • Developing the future of security for NEOM
    • Security operations and oversight of contract private guard forces
    • Building and securing physical and virtual borders
    • Partnership with Saudi security agencies and other alliances
    • Surveillance and Monitoring
    • Establishment of unified Command and Control Centre


Background, Skills & Qualifications:

  • Comfortable being uncomfortable. Must thrive on uncertainty and ambiguity but can grab opportunities offered by new ideas and unregulated spaces.
  • Security Management – brings outstanding skills planning and implementing security management systems that are built on the pillars of proactivity, compliance and response and focus on:
    • Risk management
    • Strong control measures
    • Effective standards, policies, and procedures
    • Appropriate response to incidents
    • Aligning security programs to business imperatives and priorities
    • Close cooperation, liaison and interaction with national security agencies
  • Effective Communicator – applies exemplary and persuasive verbal and written skills to present confidently, negotiates effectively and communicates complex issues clearly at any level
  • Leadership – identifies individual strengths, articulates a positive future view, shares conceptual and practical insights, builds trust and allegiance, generates action and manages achievement of business objectives.
  • Relationship Management – fosters rapport, trust and confidence with stakeholders, subject matter experts, and external vendors at all levels from operator to executive levels – has expertise working with sensitivity and awareness of language and cultural diversity.
  • Significant security management and operations experience in Middle-East or similar geo-market.
  • Experience as a senior security project manager or senior security contractor/consultant.
  • Native/Fluent written and verbal English; ability to speak Arabic an advantage.
  • Qualifications in Management
  • Security Industry qualifications




  • Degree in security, risk management, or related fields.  
  • Proven competency and experience in security management. 
  • Program/Project Management Qualification. 



  • Free Accommodation
  • Free Laundry and housekeeping
  • Free transportation
  • 2 flights per month domestic round trip.
  • 1 Annual Travel Allowance
  • Relocation Flight
  • Free Meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner )
  • Schooling - 60K SAR per child up to 3 children
  • Bonus 20-30% annual (performance based)
  • Savings Plan ( Long-term incentive plan )
  • Medical insurance ( VVIP health coverage)
  • Annual Leave 30 working days annual
  • Remote Working 24 working days annual



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