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Senior Analyst - Data Analytics & Governance

Sector:  Energy, Water & Food
Division:  Water

The Role


  • Support the implementation of the Data Analytics and Data Governance services for the NEOM Water Utility Company (WUC).
  • Support the certification of the WUC Data Model and its operational processes.
  • Support the implementation of an information based decision-making process including but not exclusive to;
    • KPI maintenance and support
    • KPI reporting business needs
    • Regulatory reporting needs
    • Implement the operations of the support process for information management
    • Liaise with IT for the implementation of the data analytics (including reporting and BI) and Information management platform for WUC
  • Implement all the Data Governance process for data lifecycle management that increase the confidence on data driven decision making, including but not exclusive to;
    • Design, develop and implement data quality standards and processes.
    • Design, develop and implement data management procedures
    • Design, develop and implement data security (in line with NEOM CISO processes), data distribution policies and regulatory compliance
  • Advice the clients of Water team for reviewing, designing, and implementing Data Analytics and Governance requirements
  • Support other sectors and department in any technical guidance inquiry or requirement that involves direct relation between Data Analytics/Governance and Water
  • Support Data Architecture Manager on all Data Analytics and Governance related initiatives, including but not restricted to;
    • Support by providing input and feedback to the Data Architecture Manager into the goals and Strategic map and plan of the Data Analytics and Governance roll-out
    • Supporting and executing projects and initiatives coordination activities led by the Data Architect Manager
    • Provide accurate and timely status of the different Data Analytics and Governance activities
  • Support business led data stewardship on a role of enterprise data steward
  • Main responsible for data's accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, validity, and uniqueness.
  • Ensure the correct implementation of the Data analytics and Governance initiatives in the role of crucial internal consultant and lead
  • Ensures business engagement in IT and CISO governance process including identifying data stewards and owners Resolves escalated information governance and prioritization issues
  • Support the integration process of the NEOM corporate Data analytics and Governance standards and the specifics of the Water sector
  • Ensures business engagement in IT governance process including identifying data stewards and owners.
  • Resolves escalated information governance and prioritization issues




  • Bachelor or higher degree in business or IT or closely related field, with a master's degree in data topics is a plus.
  • Experience in multiple Data Governance and/or BI/Analytics implementation process, ideally in green field type of projects.
  • Strong knowledge and experience on data lifecycle management, ideally have participated in initiatives with disperse data including OT/IoT type of data.
  • Strong background in business facing roles, ideally on roles related to capture and manage business information needs (reporting, KPI, regulatory, stewardship, etc.)
  • Strong understanding of information management platform (cloud, data bases, BI reporting, advance analytics workbenches, etc.), while not mandatory from an IT perspective, it is required at least a clear understanding from a business/use case perspective to be able to liaise with IT
  • Specialized skills (SFIA standards) on the Data Governance and Data Analytics space
    • Information Governance (IRMG) – Critical – Highly skilled
    • Data Management (DATM) – Critical – Highly skilled (business and use case focus as minimum)
    • Information Assurance (INAS) – Critical – Highly skilled
    • Relationship management (RLMT) – Relevant – Highly skilled
    • Strategic Planning – Relevant – Competent Skilled
    • Enterprise and business architecture (STPL) – Relevant – Competent Skilled
    • Information Systems Coordination (ISCO) – Desirable – Competent Skilled
    • Enterprise IT governance (GOVN) – Desirable – Competent Skilled
  • Highly experience in the data analysis tools such as Excel, SQL and BI tools (i.e. Power BI, SAP SAC) and desirable more advanced data management workbench such as R or Python
  • Strong interpersonal, social and communications skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills (professional proficiency on English mandatory and Arabic as a bonus).
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Courses and certifications specifically on Data disciplines (BI, Analytics, Governance, etc.) are highly regarded
  • Proficient computer skills including Microsoft Office suite and Adobe products.

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