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Technical Standards Lead

Sector:  Energy, Water & Food
Division:  Water



  • Establish engineering and technical definitions and limitations
  • Establish applications for items, materials, processes, methods
  • Work within the water team to establish Design and Engineering Practices to be applicable by design consultants, manufacturers, and equipment suppliers
  • Establish innovative design measures
  • Evaluate data from scientific journals, suppliers’ catalogues, government standards and other sources of information on materials, processes, and parts to update knowledge
  • Establish sustainable design practices in line with NEOM Sustainability strategy and goals
  • Develop and implement sustainability measures from design stage throughout all asset lifecycle
  • Develop BIM content, allowing for the digital implementation of engineering standards, design guidelines as well as all engineering practices to be adopted within water
  • Develop BIM comparisons on equivalent (like-per-like) standards allowing for digital standard comparison
  • Develop BIM product library jointly with NEOM Water Asset Data, to incorporate Technical Standards and Water Design Guidelines content and requirements
  • Support data governance and data interoperability initiatives, to allow for technical standards and design guidelines to be open sourced from BIM;
  • Support the establishment and ongoing digital operation of Product Data Templates (PDT’s), from existing Specification and Datasheets related to Assets
  • Define BIM standards and governance policy



Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities


  • Contribute to the development of engineering standards and design guidelines
  • Assure all adopted standards and design guidelines are perceived and understood by design consultants
  • Create, maintain, and update a digital library of design standards in BIM that is interoperable amongst different design platforms
  • Research for new standards, materials and products to be adopted
  • Support the development of Product Data templates, according to ISO 23386
  • Develop and implement BIM Content and library, containing the design standards approved by the water sector according to ISO19650;
  • Develop, implement and keep updated OIR, EIR, PIR and AIR according to ISO 19650 requirements
  • Develop a BIM Library for water construction objects with product characteristics, admissible standards, industry requirements and sustainability data
  • Support Sustainability team on UN Sustainability goals related to construction and full asset lifecycle
  • Develop equivalent standards comparison, allowing for quick identification of the best standard to be adopted
  • Collecting, validating, inputting, manipulating, extracting and analysing water asset data


Education & Experience


  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject.
  • Curiosity-driven
  • Continuous Learning and willing to innovate
  • Forward thinking towards BIM and it’s relation with Standards
  • Enthusiasm for sharing experiences
  • Strong background in International Standards, including standards equivalence and comparison
  • Strong background on BIM data models, systems and user requirements (CDE, COBie, BREEAM, etc.)
  • Knowledge of ISO 19650-1:2018 requirements and Organization Information Requirement implementation.
  • Knowledge of ISO 23386 and 23387 standards and requirements
  • Time management and task organizing skills, familiar with agile project methodologies and capable of supporting multiple initiatives in parallel

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