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Water Industry Compliance Officer

Sector:  Energy, Water & Food
Division:  Water



The Water Industry Compliance Officer develops and oversees regulatory processes to implement technical water industry service standards, monitors and identifies compliance issues with quality and safety standards and creates systems to guide and enhance the delivery of a safe and reliable water supply.



Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities


  • Identify and assess international best practices for implementing technical guidelines and regulatory directives to recommend relevant best-practices and contribute to the development and update of Water Law and Regulations.
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative technical analyses of regulatory and policy gaps related to NEOM’s Water Sector, with an emphasis on water quality and safety standards. Provide analytical support to projects involving the design and implementation of new legislative mechanisms and technical regulations that support water quality and safety standards. 
  • Develop directives to implement technical regulations and contribute to the development of water quality and safety standards and objectives.
  • Implement the Water Department’s mission to promote and protect the long-term interests of customers and community and to ensure safe and reliable services.
  • Maintain the water quality data management systems to support technical evaluation of water quality and safety standards.
  • Develop technical directives (rules) and contribute to the development of the technical standards and objectives.
  • Implement transparent and appropriate assessment and compliance systems while fostering innovation, economic development, healthy and safe communities for the benefit of the environment, public health, and future generations.
  • Process permits applications for water infrastructure and operations.
  • Initiate audits of water utility quality control systems and maintenance plans.
  • Oversee implementation and enforcement of the Water Department’s water quality safety and control standards.
  • Support the development of technical instruments for water industry licenses and maintain the associated ongoing compliance.
  • Develop collaborative processes, where necessary, with other NEOM Authority entities, to ensure holistic compliance with the Water Law and Regulations.
  • Identify risk related to water industry and technical regulations, propose corrective actions to mitigate and overcome the risks



Education & Experience


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Chemical, Environmental or Civil) or Bachelor’s Degree in Science, with water industry experience Minimum of 10 years of experience in related consulting or water utility regulators.
  • Experienced with water quality management systems, initiating audits, assessment of utility investment proposals and asset maintenance requirements.
  • Experience managing a long-term project (a project which takes 6 months or longer to complete).
  • Experience managing multiple long-term projects at the same time.
  • Experience implementing rules, interpreting regulations, and/or following legal requirements.
  • Experience writing technical documents and applying technical standards.
  • Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills, a focus on efficiency, and enhanced multitasking abilities, combined with a “can-do” mentality are essential
  • Ability to adapt well to fast-paced environments with changing circumstances, direction, and strategy
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to communicate across the organization
  • Strong analytical skills with demonstrated problem solving ability
  • Ability to analyze and understand research and to identify relevant and valuable information
  • Experience using a database and GIS (Graphical Information Systems).
  • Strong presentation skills, presentation preparation and MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

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